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Regular Season 2022


We can't wait for our 2022 season to begin!

We look forward to welcoming all of our athletes into our family.

If you would like more information about the Airlanes Cheerleading Program, please contact our staff:

- Cheer Coordinator: Katie Schaumloeffel --- >

- Cheer Coach: Noelle Pieczynski --->


Cheerleading Age Divisions

(Based upon athletes age as of 08/31)

Pee Wee Destroyers: 5 - 7

Freshman Wildcats: 8 - 9

Junior Varsity Panthers: 10 - 11

Varsity Falcons: 12 - 14

Meet our 2022 cheerleading coaches!

Pee Wee Destroyers Cheerleading

Coach Melissa Cwiklinski

Junior Varsity Panthers Cheerleading

Coach Noelle Pieczynski


Hi, I'm Coach Noelle!  This is my second year coaching with Airlanes.  After high school I coached JV and varsity with East Aurora for 5 years.  Last season I coached pee wee and we had an incredible season!  We won Best Dance at our Empire West Competition.  At the Wild Competition we won 1st in our division and Pee Wee Grand Champions with the highest score of all pee wee and freshman teams!  I am excited to be moving up this season to JV and to watch all of our athletes continue to improve their skills.  Airlanes has quickly become a second family to me, you'll often see my daughter running around with all of the young kids at practices.  After last season I accepted an Executive Board position with the league.  I'm honored to have the opportunity to help our organization grow and expand our program.  See you all for our 2022 season!

Freshman Wildcats Cheerleading

TBD - If you are interested in coaching with us, please visit the VOLUNTEER tab and apply today!

Varsity Falcons Cheerleading

Coach Katie Schaumloeffel

Where to purchase additional items needed for cheerleading season


Listed below are links to purchase the items your athlete will need this cheerleading season.   These are just examples of where you can purchase the equipment.


Each athlete is responsible for purchasing:

- White bodysuit (Can be cropped or full length)

- White cheer sneakers

- Red spanks


Omnicheer has a ton of great, cheap options for cheer sneakers.  They run sales often so keep an eye out!